Character Creation

  • 20 point buy (the Pathfinder calculator on the USRD is accurate)
  • Core classes and races (keep in mind when making characters that all races have inherent bonuses, even humans)
  • If there’s something on the PFSRD you want, ask. Other Paizo stuff is a perhaps. Third party stuff is a probably not.
  • Starting gold will be based on class. Roll for it. (The info per class should be on the wiki.) If you roll a one, you can reroll. If your gold is still quite low, talk to me.
  • Please put up your character sheets here (under the “Characters” tab above) when you’ve got something. Danke.
  • For those of you who are more divinely inclined, both D&D and PF deities will be acceptable. (See Religion in the Seven Kingdoms.)
  • Alternate favored class stuff, alternate class features, and archetype information is available on the bottom of each class page. You can use them. More information on alt class features & such is on the PFSRD > Classes > Class Archetypes.
  • Each character is allowed 2 traits. Traits are somewhat like “half-feats” in that they grant small bonuses. A list is available on the PFSRD. There are 8 different categories of traits on the SRD and each of the 2 traits must come from different lists.
  • If you want, gnomes are a thing.
  • Leadership is a thing for when any of you get to a high enough level (AKA, 7th)
  • If you would like, you can take one drawback (PFSRD > Traits > Drawbacks). In return, you may have another trait from any category.

This will probably be updated in the future. Have fun!

Summer Schedule

  • Middle of June – World info should be up
  • July 1 – I’d like an idea of what you’re doing for a character. From here on, please notify me of any major character changes.
  • August 1 – Character sheets should be up here. Characters should be finalized to a point. Minor and major changes are still allowed, though please tell me of major adjustments.
  • September 1 – Backstories due please!

Table of Contents

Character Creation

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