The mountainous landscape of Myrikinal is full of natural resources and precious metals. The source of many of Kevanos’ raw goods, Myrikinal is a trade powerhouse. The valleys are also able to sustain a large population due to the numerous fields and grasslands. A majority of the population of Myrikinal is composed of dwarves, but many other races make their homes here as well. The boarders of Myrikinal are firm, yet at the same time changeable. The multitude of rivers present in the west form a series of boundaries between nations, though none are secure. The boarder with Nirele across the North Chinosus as well as the southern boarder with Okinal is constantly in flux. Myrkinal mainly trades with Kevanos, though it does trade with Nirele on occasion, as well as Gurralyn, Doriale, and Iadus.


Myrikinal (my-RIH-kin-l)
Miradum (mee-RAH-doom)
Mytonis (my-TONE-ihs)
Miranthian (mih-RAN-thee-in)
Actysur (ahk-TIE-sir)
Chinosus River (chih-NOH-sus)
Arcova River (ar-COH-vah)

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