The hills of Okinal are a place avoided by most travelers and traders. Following the separation of Seledon, Okinal was the worst off. Struggling to survive with few natural resources and civil unrest, the government of Okinal collapsed. This region is now home to many who would seek to stop unwary travelers on the road in search of valuables. The area between the forks of the Arcova River is both the safest and least secure region, as most of the land trade passes through that area. The area is ungovernmented, save by the Paladins of Kathakini who venture out of their town and the brave guards from Chinosa who do the same.


Okinal (ah-KIN-all)
Kathakini (KAH-thuh-KEE-nee)
Seren (SEER-in)
Arcova River (ar-COH-vah)

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