Doriale is the largest and most fertile of all the Seven Kingdoms. Composed mainly of farmland, it also contains several rather small forests. The cities on the coast, such as Darkport and Eribank, have thriving fishing industries as well as farming. Numerous small cities dot the land where farmers can go to sell their produce as well as purchase equipment or supplies. Doriale’s main trading partners are Gurralyn and Iadus, though it trades with many other kingdoms such as Myrikinal, Kevanos, and Nirele.


Doriale (DOHR-ee-ale)
Freylyn (FRAY-lin)
Hyvale (HIGH-vale)
Dalardin (duh-LAR-din)
Prylyn (PRY-lin)
Landale (LAN-dale)
Redell (reh-DELL)
Starilin (STAR-ih-lin)
Eribank (AIR-ih-bank)
Thesend (THAY-sihnd)
Aegion (AGE-ee-an)
Issil (IH-sihl)
Shadowynne (SHAH-doh-in)
Blackwater River
Espicorn River (EH-spih-corn)
Arysio River (a-RAH-see-oh)

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