The forests of Gurralyn are mysterious to all who do not inhabit them. The main occupants of this wooded area are elves, rangers, and druids, though others partial to nature have come to this region every now and again. There is some trade that goes on between Gurralyn and Doriale and Myrikinal, but this is minimal and usually limited to lumber. The boundaries of Gurralyn are fuzzy at best, since much of it is dependent on the treeline. Melatyra is usually seen as the western boarder of Gurralyn, though the boarder does extend further west to the south of that city.


Gurralyn (gur-RAH-lin)
Melatyra (meh-lah-TEER-ah)
Aerallan (eh-RAY-lin)
Albandyn (all-BAND-in)
Esolva (A-sohl-vah)
Arysio River (a-RAH-see-oh)

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