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So, below is the Table of Contents with all the pages listed on it. When playing, I will expect you to be familiar with rules changes listed here (specifically on the What You Need To Know and House Rules pages). On this page, I will be keeping track of what I’ve updated when, so you should only need to check here to see if there’s anything new.


The first session has been set for Saturday, February 15 at 9 am. Please get your backstories to me by noon on Friday. Late backstories will have xp deductions. One change has been made to the House Rules page concerning non-core spells.


The GM is plotting. But don’t get too excited quite yet.


Just put up your hook! (Un)Dead in Doriale.


I added one more thing to the House Rules and one more to Character Creation, both about traits.


Added a couple things to House Rules and What You Need To Know under the Character Creation and Magic headlines.


Made a new page Religion in the Seven Kingdoms for all your deity needs.


Put up world background information as well as map. The map will become digitized, but for now you can take a look at it to see what the island looks like. City names and pronunciations are included for each kingdom. Once you decide where you are from, let me know and I will give you a bit more background on the area since you would know it. Have fun!

Note: Scale on the map is 15 mi = 1 1/8 in square. (i.e. the cities in Doriale are about two days apart on horseback)


Put up approximate summer deadlines on Character Creation.


Put up starting gold info on Character Creation. Several new House Rules.

Table of Contents

Home Page

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