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Though known as the Seven Kingdoms across the land, the areas are more properly referred as regions, not kingdoms. While they are each independently governed, the majority of the governments do not follow the structure typically encompassed in the word “kingdom”. There is much trade between each kingdom, though there is not much travel from east to west for various reasons. The three kingdoms on the east side of the island, Okinal, Gurralyn, and Doriale, were once one larger kingdom known as Seledon. Each regions had its differences, though, and they split into three nations nigh on seven-score years previous. It could not be called a civil war, but the spliting of Seledon was by no means a peaceful one. Since then, there have been no major conflicts, though several smaller skirmishes over land disputes have taken place.

The Seven Kingdoms!

Note: On the map, each 1/8 in square measures 15 miles.

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