Nirele is mostly desert, though the coasts are greener. The heart of the kingdom consists of vast, sparse desert populated by nomads, though one city, Agya, is permanent. Along the coasts are several port cities that fish and trade with each other, Kevanos, and Iadus. The boundaries of Nirele extend from the Sea to the Chinosus River, though which river that means in the north has been the cause of several conflicts with Myrikinal.


Nirele (nih-RAH-leh)
Celinium (keh-LEE-nee-uhm)
Zimra (ZIHM-rah)
Nanua (NAH-nyoo-ah)
Adal (uh-DAHL)
Agya (AHG-yuh)
Sibantia (sih-BAN-tia)
Chinosus (chih-NOH-suhs)

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